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Just a thought on French words: over half of the English language finds it's origins in the French language. We have stolen alot, and we usually have no idea.

But let's look at our word repose. "Repose" is defined as
1. The act of resting or the state of being at rest.
2. Freedom from worry; peace of mind.
3. Calmness; tranquillity.

Let's look at the French word it derives from, shall we? The verb "reposer" is actually 2 words. "Re" and "poser." Re- means to do something again, for example, redo. Poser is a verb, it means to put, to place.

So, to re-pose something means to put something back, to re-put something, if you will. The French verb "reposer" means
1. poser de nouveau une question, un problème (to repose a question)
2. délasser, mettre au repos son corps ou son esprit (to put to rest one's body or one's spirit)
3. être posé sur un support (l'étagère repose sur des briques) (to be put on a support)
4. poser à nouveau ce qui a été enlevé (to put again that which has been taken)
5. être basé sur (ce rapport repose sur de fausses informations) (to be based on)

So, when we rest, we put back on or put back in. We would call it recharging ourselves. I just really love that the French literally look at it as physically putting ourselves back together, physically putting energy back inside ourselves.

Just a thought.
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